An event limited recipe was added. We will reprint the 1st anniversary and 2nd anniversary equipment recipe and additionally install the 3rd anniversary equipment recipe. To produce each anniversary equipment, winning reward items of the battle field event battle will be needed. In addition, we will also carry out "World Treasure Battle" using maps and "Final Periodic Test Challenge Project" from Suzuki Producer (Torum Online). This time the special training of Nankoku holidays is the final round, how much did the two of the tropic vacation grow up with the special training plan so far? Please take a look at their growth on live broadcasts. 

We will broadcast on "Torum Online" for the last two hours. A tropical vacation (Shochiku entertainment) and Suzuki (Asobimo public relations) of the world challenge the distribution confrontation of the item "gift bag" "Tosu bake" will pretend who can finish distributing earliest. In addition, we will challenge the rumor events currently underway and the "Torum test" which asks the knowledge about "Torum Online". If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Cheap Toram Online Spina, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. A lot of main broadcasts, please enjoy it. 

We will also hold the "rainy season event" at the same time. In the "rainy season rain event", you can enjoy a limited-time battle in which monsters perfect for the season of the rainy season rush one after another. After clearing the story mission 1 chapter, if you move from the portal which is open only to the map "City of Sofia" "El Scarlo" "Hora Diomida", you can order a quest from NPC "Lullam". You will get item boxes filled with valuable items that you can only get at this event and equipment items that you can enjoy the rainy season with the quest clear. Please enjoy. 

The new maps added this time are "Ultimaire City" and "Doroma Square Nearby". "Area near Piazza del Droma" is a map that goes inside the Ultimae city center, surrounded by high buildings. As you go further down the story mission boss "Altima Kina" is waiting. We opened the event map "3rd anniversary memorial hall" commemorating the 3 rd anniversary of "Torum Online". You can move from the map "Hora Diomida" to the "3rd anniversary memorial hall", and two kinds of high difficulty bosses for advanced users are awaiting. Two more bosses will be added at a later date. 

This event is named after "June bride" It is a boss monster suppression event that you can enjoy fighting with a close friend together. When there are two or more characters in the party member, we will drop an event-only treasure chest when the boss is torn. "Groom box" if it is a male character, "Bride box" if it is a female character. Various items are available at random from the treasure box, especially "June Bride Limited Equipment" is designed perfectly for the wedding bridegroom and bride. Added a new recipe. Also added a medal that can be acquired when clearing a specific story mission as a new medal and a medal that can be acquired by moving a certain distance.