Path of Exile was originally released in October 2013 for PC and in August of 2017 it reached the Xbox One, being a free RPG action played by thousands of players around the world. While going through the different bases, you can manipulate the members of the organization , negotiating with them, interrogating them or even convincing them to betray their comrades. So as players go deeper into the bases to loot supplies and discover what the mastermind is.

If you aren't familiar with Path of Exile, you should know that as a F2P title, it has done what many other F2P games have not. The Diablo-esque title has won many awards over the last 3 years, including many Game of the Year awards. The game includes insanely customizable character skill trees, an awesomely dark and gritty 3D fantasy world and randomly generated maps that offer almost infinite replayability. On top of those options the game offers a robust crafting system and a player run economy.

Already available for a long time on PC, the game debuted on Xbox in August. Recall that the 3.5.0 expansion of Path of Exile is expected on December 7 on PC. The new material will also be released for console editions the same month. When we announced Path of Exile for PlayStation 4 earlier this month, we indicated that we were aiming for a December release, but unfortunately we had to postpone the game in early February, and we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, because we know that many players can not wait to put their hands to this version.

Studio Grinding Gear Games is preparing for its role-playing game Path of Exile update Betrayal. It develops and complements the leagues that have appeared in the game. One of the new leagues will be the Betrayal Challenge. With it, the new faction Immortal Syndicate will come into play. This is a mysterious organization that has learned to return people from the dead and not in the form of brainless zombies. But this required an artifact, which had to be stolen in the organization Order of the Djinn. Our task is to return it.

Path of Exile is the first free-to-play game which can wholeheartedly recommend to every Xbox One owner. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Cheap Path of Exile Currency, you can get hold of us at our own web page. Their microtransactions are fair and at no point did feel the game was pay-to-win extensively tested out the Xbox One beta and the PC version and if you haven't played this title before, you should now. It's just a thrilling game which offers a unique and interesting story.

The expansion is accompanied by a good amount of objects with new encrypted modifiers, having to take them to Jun to choose one of the three properties contained in the piece in question. At the same time, the Master Manufacturing process has been redesigned, the Lairs can be shared among all the leagues, as well as adding improvements, balance sheets, new skills and many other novelties that you can consult more closely here.