The Artillery Emplacement works just like its Fallout 4 counterpart. Once built and placed, you'll need to connect it to power. It requires 3 power. When the Artillery is hooked up, you'll be able to collect extra Smoke Grenades from the crate. The range has been improved, so you'll be able to launch from far greater distances. Fallout fans were justifiably concerned when Bethesda announced Fallout 76 was an online, multiplayer survival game. While games in this genre have become popular, it's a radical move for Fallout which, until now, has been a dedicated single-player RPG.

Multiplayer survival games often turn into gank fests where players who have time to build up their characters effortlessly slaughter those with less time to devote to the game. Many devoted Fallout players saw Fallout 76 as a betrayal of the franchise's core principles. If you are you looking for more about FO76 Caps check out our website. Not to worry. Bethesda has your back.

We already know the new Fallout game is going to be a little, well, different. As a multiplayer game in the Fallout franchise, it focuses on player to player interactions and consequently doesn't have any NPCs. One Fallout 76 player just found out the hard way that immortality is very boring. Cue up Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever,' because this story, as recounted by a user who goes by Brogadyn on the Fallout 76 subreddit, deserves a tragic soundtrack.

Artillery is one of the most effective and fun weapons in Fallout 4. By throwing an artillery smoke grenade you can call down fire from the sky, obliterating any enemy in your path. We've shown you how to unlock and use artillery, as well as how to get more artillery smoke grenades so you can keep destroying the wasteland piece by piece, but one aspect of the weapon seems to be confusing a lot of players. How far is the artillery range in Fallout 4 Well, there's unfortunately no easy answer, with the game not giving a firm indicator, but some tests have narrowed it down to one easy to use metric.

After leaving more questions than answers during their Fallout 76 reveal at E3 this year, Bethesda and Noclip have released a Making of Fallout 76 documentary to clarify exactly what you should expect from Fallout 76. If you're like us, you've probably been wondering whether the game is optionally online, how PvP is going to affect gameplay, and how quests will work in a game with no human NPCs, and we finally have at least a few answers to some of the pressing issues at hand.

It's a familiar ritual, creating my latest Fallout character. Under the harsh glare of Vault 76's fluorescent lights poke and prod, sculpting the face of a man who imagine entered this glorified bunker as a young man and emerges into the bombed out remnants of West Virginia much older, covered in wrinkles, hair gone white, eyes still kind. For a moment feel the familiar swell, the wow about to play a Fallout game sensation of limitless potential.